Wednesday, March 18, 2009

RIP Test

I just wanted to say that the wrestling world has lost a young and talented individual named Andrew Martin who went by the name Test in his WWF/WWE runs. I have had the pleasure in seeing Test wrestle at live events numerous times and I am very happy I did. One of the times I saw him, he beat Edge, who is my current favorite wrestler for the Intercontinental title on an episode of RAW. When I hear people say they didn't like Test or he should be released, I thought the opposite. I thought he was really talented. During his last run with WWE, I thought he should have had the ECW title. He played the heel role pretty damn good in my opinion. But hey, as long as you get the people to love you or hate you, you gotta be doing your job correctly.

I also met Test once at a convention. I was kinda nervous of him being an ass because he played a pretty good heel on TV, but boy was I proved wrong. Don't let this man's size intimidate you, he was a great guy.

Test, or is unfortunate you had to leave not only the wrestling world, but life as well at such an early age. You will definitely be missed.

My condolences go out to the Martin family and friends who are grieving over this tragic loss.

"Test Test..This is a test" - ahh that will leave soo many memories.

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